Vermillion Area Robotics Club

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THANK YOU Dakota Hospital Foundation for donating a 3D printer and materials for our youth to support the Enabling the Future organization and bring new technology to all our community's youth!

While robotics teaches youth many life skills and challenges youth to design/build really cool robots, I think it is as just important for our youth to see first-hand the potential impact technology can have on people's lives. I also love the learning concept of online collaboration and open-sourcing between people all over the world (engineers, scientists, amputees, etc.) to design a product using new technology all with one goal in mind...helping people.

We printed a demo hand for the e-NABLE organization and submitted the hand  to the Enabling the Future organization for our robotics club's approval as hand printers. We were approved and are waiting to be matched with an individual in need of a hand. We can't wait to help! :-)

JOIN US IN PRINTING THESE HANDS!!!  The Enabling the Future organization is looking for volunteers to help print hands. Click HERE to visit their web page. If you would rather help our robotics club print these hands, please contact the club leader.