Vermillion Area Robotics Club

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Youth grades 4th-8th are welcome to come learn robotics. The library owns 12 VEX IQ kits  from a 2015 Daniel Swets grant. Each meeting, youth will design and build robots.

We will use the current VEX IQ game Ringmaster.  Details on the game can be found by clicking on the Ringmaster link here. Youth will share a robot in small groups.
We also have Snapcad, a VEX IQ Computer-Aided Drawing (CAD) software, installed on all the computers in the lab. This product is free to download on home computers here

One other exciting thing is that RobotC robotics programming software has been installed on computer  #s 1,2,3,4,5 in the lab.  Youth are encouraged to program their IQ robots and learn how to incorporate the sensors.